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Our Philosophy 

FBS-FC is a soccer club dedicated to promoting and developing youth soccer in the area of North Miami-Dade and South Broward.



FBS FC Youth Soccer program inspires:






Mental Toughness




Believe in the potential of all FBS-FC athletes and develop them to the maximum capability so they can have all the necessary tools, preparing them to be successful in any soccer or non-soccer circumstance they may encounter in life.

Vision Statement

As a Soccer, Beach Soccer, and Futsal club our vision is to:


Mentally prepare players for the future, both on and off the field. 

Boost soccer and non-soccer skills such as; mental toughness, teamwork, responsibility, discipline, respect, pride, self -esteem, and leadership among many other traits. 

Believe in the potential of all FBS-FC athletes and develop them to reach their maximum aptitude,  so  they can have those tools required to fulfill their goals. 

Strive to ensure all soccer players are given a balanced soccer experience no matter the level of play. 

Implement a positive environment for all FBS-FC athletes, as they achieve their team and individual objectives.  

Educate staff, players, volunteers, parents, and  members to understand, respect and love the game of soccer.


Established in 2010 by a group of former and current professional players, FBS-FC has developed players in all levels and consistently developed successful teams.


Headed by Francis Farberoff, current FIFA and Concacaf instructor and former captain of the US Beach Soccer National Team and Oscar Gil, former Miami FC, Vasco de Gama as well as US beach and futsal national player.


FBS-FC is the only football club in  the US with a professional Beach Soccer team. Some of FBS professional players include Frank Velasquez from El Salvador, Daniel Fernandez from Venezuela and Morgan Plata from Mexico.

Our Staff

  • Francis Farberoff, President

  • Oscar Gil, President

  • Alexis Becerra, Club Coordinator and Coaching Director

  • Michael Butler, Goalkeeper Coach

  • Emile innocent, U12 academy program director

  • Guillermo Romero, Head Coach

  • Carlos Zegarra, Head Coach

  • Martin Marijuan, Head Coach

  • Jesus Castro, Head Coach

  • Francisco Crimi, Head Coach

  • Javier Parra, Head Coach

  • Paulo Amorin, Head Coach

  • Daniele Piccione, Head Coach

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