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Our Future Stars Program is meticulously crafted to ensure the continued development of our young soccer enthusiasts. With a focus on competition, exposure, and skill enhancement, this program is designed to set the stage for success in higher levels of play.

Key Features of FBS-FC's Future Stars Program:


  1. Development Focus: The program is tailored to advance the skills and abilities of young players, providing them with a platform to excel in the sport they love. The ultimate goal of Future Stars is to create strong candidates for our Travel Team, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in competitive soccer.

  2. 7 vs 7 Format: Following the US Soccer recommendation, the program adopts a 7 vs 7 format, ensuring that every child gets ample playing time and a chance to showcase their talents on the field.

  3. Guaranteed Playing Time: Our commitment is to every child's growth and enjoyment. The program guarantees playing time for all participants, creating a positive and inclusive environment.

  4. Age Categories: Future Stars is designed for U8 and U9 categories, providing age-appropriate training and competition experiences.

  5. Training Frequency: Practices are held twice a week, offering a consistent and focused approach to skill development and team dynamics. As an annual program, FBS-FC expects your commitment throughout the season, ensuring a progressive and enriching soccer journey for your child.

  6. Internal League Participation: Future Stars participants engage in an internal league with 10 guaranteed matches, providing ample opportunities for skill application and team collaboration.

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