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In-House League is crafted with a passion for developing young players at an early age, following the guidelines set by U.S. Soccer. At FBS-FC, we believe in identifying and cultivating talent within our community, shaping the next generation of soccer enthusiasts.

Key Features of FBS-FC's In-House League:

Player Selection: Our coaching staff carefully selects potential players from the community, aiming to instill a love for soccer and foster skill development. We introduce players to the exciting world of soccer through structured training sessions and guided games.

Age Categories: The program is specifically designed for U7 and U8 categories, ensuring age-appropriate training that caters to the unique needs of young players.

Training Frequency: Practices are held twice a week, offering a consistent and engaging environment for skill enhancement and team bonding.

Annual Commitment: The In-House League is an annual program, emphasizing the importance of commitment throughout the season. This commitment ensures a cohesive and progressive learning experience for every participant. They participate in 8 Jamborees throughout the season.

Future Development: FBS-FC's primary focus for this league is to develop the future stars of our program and prepare players for higher levels of competitive soccer. We strive to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary for the next steps in their soccer journey.

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