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The Travel Program is a more competitive soccer experience intended to promote long term development of youth soccer players with an emphasis on fundamental soccer skills.  FBS-FC fields U7 though U18 girls and boys teams, and often multiple teams per gender/age group.

Travel Program Description: The Travel Program is the competitive side of FBS-FC. This means that the level of play and the development of the player (technical, tactical, mental toughness) exceeded the average athlete’s ability, teamwork, responsibility and many other traits in which they excel at. 


Both athletes and parents understand the commitment to dedicate themselves to improve every day to guarantee their spot on the team and also their playing time as these are not guaranteed but earned. 


Parents and athletes understand team participation in travel soccer means a more intense experience than the pre travel or development programs. Travel soccer training is held 3 times a week. Random practice days may be added. League mandatory tournaments and invitational tournaments for selected players may be offered based on performance and commitment. Some dates may be during holidays and weekends. 


FBS-FC expects of you to commit to your team and coaches. This means attending all practices and games. If you do not show commitment it could affect your playing time and even the level at which you are placed within the program (see playing time below). FBS reserves the right to move any child from one team to another at any point due to performance, discipline and/or need of the team. 


When selected to the travel team, it is of utmost importance that you are solely committed to the team and any other extra curricular activities or other conflicts needs to be approved by the Director of Soccer. This includes playing for school teams and/or activities. Failure to adhere to this policy could lead to suspension and subsequently dismissal.

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